Category Issue # Title
Plugins 31280 Loadmodule support for htmlspecialchars in title
SQL Files 30869 Incorrect table names used in the #__content_types table
SQL Files 31157 Field mapping for core_urls is wrong for weblinks
SQL Files 31270 Fix help screens links in sample testing data
Templates 30017 Problems with calendar pop up in Chrome
Templates 30367 wrong tooltip display at the joomla BE
Templates 30431 Removed unused css file: editor_content.css
Templates 30675 Display incorrect for type checkboxes
Templates 30689 jQuery not loaded in Isis error page
Templates 30694 Backend toolbar buttons have forbidden attribute href
Templates 30751 No image for Tag Component at the template Hathor
Templates 30756 Blog layout has duplicate elements with 'icons' ID
Templates 30805 *Isis: sidebar background colour issue
Templates 30812 *No Joomla Version is display at isis bottom
Templates 30814 Undefind line at isis cpanel
Templates 30880 Article Count at beez3
Templates 30926 Beez5: Additional < in category list
Templates 30974 Fix offline overflow image
Templates 31130 Added js files to protostar template and modified index.php
Templates 31172 X at hathor messages