Category Issue # Title
None 31388 Admin login shows language option
Platform 29432 All parameters passed to Bootstrap's modal window always set to true
Platform 30394 *Javascript translations are not available if caching is enabled.
Platform 30693 Unclosed span tag in permissions field
Platform 30833 Fixes issues from #29922
Platform 30946 Platform bug fixes
Platform 31004 Add JTwitter package to /libraries/joomla
Platform 31008 Sync up Platform Bootstrap
Platform 31017 Replace Files that had the wrong attribution
Platform 31025 Sync Database package to Platform
Platform 31069 Sync Log package to Platform
Platform 31080 Deprecating X-Content-Encoded-By
Plugins 30576 $isNew not being passed to onContentBeforeSave
Plugins 30691 TinyMCE shows buttons with onclick attribute without space and duplicate class
Plugins 30774 *SEF plugin issue
Plugins 30784 User profile plugin doesn't save the field inputs after J3.1
Plugins 30873 *Multilanguage: PHP warning when logging
Plugins 30957 System cache issue
Plugins 30977 loadmodule/loadposition styles
Plugins 30990 '404 Component not found' doesn't added to redirect component